Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Skazhite, specialist! You do feel its presence? You had to feel! Indeed crucifix already here! Already on the planet! Finally, two most great relics will reunite, and we will be able... God! Now we can ALL!
it Spetsialist sedate it bowed, but it was silent. But it kept silent because of the incomprehensible confusion, which pursued it in the last hours. For these hours they mercilessly destroyed tens of people and through

several days will ruin whole planet. But not this forced the soul of the elite member of order in the order to helplessly rush about. They killed even earlier, and they killed much, but the most terrible now consisted in the

fact that the loss of entire planet was useless...
Absolyutno it is useless.
Chto it could answer this beloruchke to cardinal? What here there is no shroud of christ, which it not was here never? How to explain to the official sheathed by gold that his faith, faith of fanatic did shake, and it does

balance on the face of heresy? It, the dog of church, lost faith! There are no shrouds of christ and ancient church artifacts, which hundreds years search for church. But can, does make form, which does search for?

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This indeed so is convenient, to hold flock by constant promises of miracle. Lord! Do not give to me to roll down into the heresy!
ya nothing it felt, your eminence. I feel only, as peace because of the interrupted initiation collapses.
Ne you tell chepukhi! ; zashipel of kardinal. you specially were prepared for this mission. Who as not you must know, where it.
Dolzhen... But I do not know.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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YA was agitated and it began to develop the diagram of the liquidation of villain. Destruktor Of koshcheya not was for me the big secret: casket on to oak, egg in the casket, needle in the egg. Well, and in the needle

as is relied, death (codes for the complete erasure of its module). However, singly destruktora not to reach, it is necessary to have its Mafia. Moreover consisting of different animals, sea, air and land basing. Useful for

you animal must be found, threatened it with murder from the bow, and then it with you is made friends. Thus, at least, in the theory Serjant- technician SB to Saveli Peter prozorov from the character of Tristan, knightby Dorogoy sir and reverend elder brother, be glad.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The bones and other tissues

I'd been told, and although the ankle still lagged I was prepared to give comfrey the benefit of the doubt. Anything that would restore decent mobility attracted my enthusiasm: life with brace and walking stick, still boringly necessary, made even buying groceries a pest.
We had reached a spot on a level with and Judith's house when a gust of wind took the kite suddenly higher, setting it weaving and diving in bright-colored arcs and stretching its land-line to tautness. Before anything could be done the string snapped and the dazzling butterfly wings soared away free, rising in a spiral, disappearing to a shape, to a black dot, to nothing.
What a , Pen said, turning to me with disappointment and then pausing, seeing where my own gaze had traveled, downwards to the tall cream gates, firmly shut.
Let her go, Pen said soberly, like the kite.
She'll come back.round my shoulder had mended fast,
Take out some other girl, she urged.
I smiled lopsidedly. I'm out of practice.
But you can't spend your whole life . . . She stopped momentarily, and then said, Parkinson's disease isn't fatal. could live to be eighty or more.
I wouldn't want him dead, I protested. How could you think it?
Then what?
Just to go on, I suppose, as we are.
She took my arm and turned me away from the gates to return to her house.
Give it time, she said. You've got months. You both have.
I glanced at her. Both?
and I don't go around with our eyes shut.
He's never said anything . . .
She smiled. likes you better than you like him, if possible. Trusts you, too. She paused. Let her go, Tim, for your own sake.
We went silently back to her house and I thought of all that had happened since the day stood in the fountain, and of all I had learned and felt and loved and lost. Thought of Ginnie and Oliver and Calder, and of all the gateways I'd gone through to grief and pain and the knowledge of death. So much -too much—compressed into so small a span.
You're a child of the light, Pen said contentedly. Both you and Judith. You always take sunshine with you. I don't suppose you know it, but everything brightens when people like you walk in. She glanced down at my slow foot. Sorry. When you limp in. So carry the sunlight to a new young girl who isn't married to and doesn't break your heart. She paused. That's good pharmacological advice, so take it,
Yes, doctor, I said: and knew I couldn't.
On Christmas Eve, when I had packed to go to Jersey and was checking around the flat before leaving, the telephone rang.
Hello, I said.
There was a series of clicks and hums and I was about to put the receiver down when a breathless voice said, Tim . . .
Judith? I said incredulously.
Where are you?
Listen, just listen. I don't know who else to ask, not at Christmas . . . 's ill and I'm alone and I don't know, I don't know . . .
Where are you?
India . . . He's in hospital. They're very good, very kind, but he's so ill ... unconscious . . . they say cerebral hemor¬rhage . . . I'm so afraid ... I do so love him . . . She was suddenly crying, and trying not to, the words coming out at intervals when control was possible. It's so much to ask . . . but I need . . . help.
Tell me where, I said. I'll come at once.
Oh . . .
She told me where. I was packed and ready to go, and I went.
Because of the date and the off-track destination there were delays and it took me forty hours to get there. died before I reached her, on the day after Christmas, like her mother.

Don't explode.

Ricky looks like Shane, I said. So take pictures of Ricky in the way he most looks like Shane. Get him to turn his head slowly like he did when he came out of work, and tell him to hold it where it's best.
All right.
Ricky got out of the car and stood in front of the wall, with Oliver focusing at head-and-shoulder distance. He took the first picture and we waited for it to develop.
Oliver looked at it, grunted, adjusted the light meter, and tried again.
This one's all right, he said, watching the colors emerge. Looks like Shane. Quite amazing.
With a faint shade ofsullenness Ricky held his pose for as long as it took to shoot four boxes of film. Oliver passed each print to me as it came out of the camera, and I laid them in rows along the seat beside me while they developed.
That's fine, I said, when the films were finished. Thank you, Ricky.
He came over to the car window and I asked him without any great emphasis, Do you remember, when Indian Silk got so ill with debility, which vet was treating him?
Yeah, sure, that fellow that was murdered. Him and his partners. The best. Dad said.
I nodded noncommittally. Do you want a ride to Newmar¬ket?
Got my motorbike, thanks.
We took him back to his engineering works, where I finally cheered him up with payment for his time and trouble, and watched while he roared off with a flourish of self-conscious bravado.
What now? Oliver said. Did you say Newmarket?
I nodded. I've arranged to meet Ursula Young.
He gave me a glance of bewilderment and drove without protest, pulling duly into the midtown car park where Ursula had said to come.
We arrived there first, the photography not having taken as long as I'd expected, and Oliver finally gave voice to a long-restrained question.
Just what, he said, are the photographs/or?
For finding Shane.
But why?